About Us

For more than 19 years, jMichael Productions has been entertaining, training, and enhancing the theater world.

We go far beyond just acting on stage.  We go far beyond acting in Dinner Theaters. We perform at executive off-sites, Corporate Retreats, Government Exercises, and many popular events such as film festivals and Red Carpet events.  Though our primary focus has been in the realm of Stage Plays and Dinner Theater, our CEO, lead Director and Playwright Jeremy Allen Sr. has a tremendous background with our Federal Government in the area of National Defense. We employee and recruit the best of the best for all our engagements but we also bring in Subject Matter Experts for all exercises and Tactical situations.

Just a little about our CEO and Executive Director:

His personality and love for theater has led him to make art accessible to all. He wasn’t raised among the theater elite that make it to Broadway so quickly but his unique style and theater knowledge allows him to master such shows like Blind Love. He’s stepped it all up in 2017 since the show Blind Love took off. As the writer, director, and producer of Blind Love Jeremy is charismatic, funny and rule-breaking, which makes him the perfect subject for greatness to blend two generations. His motivation is merely in the acceptance that anyone should and can go to enjoy a Broadway style show.  The days of a select group of people attending shows is over. When you meet Jeremy and talk to him about theater, you will see and feel the excitement from the first words.

When you see a production from jMichael you can be ensured that it’s the best.  From the Set Design, Costuming, to the lighting, we value every aspect of the process and realize that the slightest miss-cue can be the difference.

We are not just another production company that does stage plays, dinner theater, or role playing for government exercises.  We are a very diverse team that understands the industry, our clients and our audience in a very intimate way. Most writers and directors can only relate to theater and the production industry.  Our Team has Hollywood, Broadway, and White House experience that lends itself to quality and professional outcomes. We understand the process, but also the governance behind the process.

  jMichael Productions has a very simple competitive edge which is our core values:

  • Integrity It means the world to us. In Theater and Film it’s very important to trust and know that all your staff has integrity. It’s instilled in our team on day one.
  • Quality – We deliver quality in everything we do and perform as promised every single time. Superior quality work leads to customer satisfaction.
  • Respect – We give respect to our customers, clients, and staff, maintaining the environment of team work and growth throughout each project we take on.
  • Accountability – Responsibility of our actions that influence the lives of our customers and fellow workers. We demand 100% accountability from our staff and our clients see that value immediately.

By following these core values, we have become a TRUSTED BRAND!!

Jeremy has always stood firm on the leadership principle, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”