Dinner Theater

Attention Restaurant owners and Banquet Halls. Have you ever thought of a unique way to spice up your menu and your business?

jMichael Productions puts on classic who-done-it comic mystery productions anywhere. These interactive shows can be tailored for your audience and also take place in any ballroom or restaurant.   Guests can participate in the unfolding drama to discover the culprit of the show’s mystery theme. With over 25 years of experience in the Dinner Theater market our team will wow your guest from the time they arrive until they solve the crime. The 90-minute show can be set for any occasion: Birthdays, Retirements, Baby Showers, Wedding Parties and so much more. Below is a list of our most popular shows, other shows are available based on request.


The Night That Disco Died
Welcome to the set of Soul Plane, one of the hottest shows on television. The year is 1978 and the Disco era is still in full force and effect.

Soul Plane is a disco dance show that is hosted by the smooth talking “Disco” Don Juwan. Don is not only the show’s host, but is also the producer and owner of Soul Plane Records. Most of the recording artists from Soul Plane Records have been featured on the show at one time or another and this evening will be no exception. The hottest recording stars in the nation, PollyEsther, are currently topping the charts and will be featured guests during the taping of today’s show.

Rumors abound that the two artists that make up PollyEsther, Polly Summers and Esther Ross, are not getting along and that Polly is seriously considering launching a solo career. Interestingly enough, the disc jockey for Soul Plane, Johnny “Spin Doctor” Rivolta, is also president of Mrs. Summer’s fan club and has reportedly encouraged Mrs. Summer to start her own recording company. Managing a record label of her own could prove to be particularly challenging without the backing of Soul Plane, particularly since her husband, “Gabby” Dean, has had serious financial problems and is likely to be little or no support.

“Gabby” is also said to be an informant for the police, which could prove to be particularly tricky if “sparks” do begin to fly, since Soul Plane is rumored to have been bankrolled originally by a well-known local mobster named Grady “Sugar Daddy” Kane, who continues to have a “vested interest” in the operations of Soul Plane.

So there you have it, the stage is set for change. However, not everyone is ready for change. Just like the “disco craze” it came and went so quickly, but what an impact it had! So here’s an opportunity to relive that period of time we call the Disco era.
Just remember where you were …THE NIGHT THAT DISCO DIED!!!!!



One Life to Lose
A Deadly Nighttime Soap

You may be Young and Restless or perhaps Bold and Beautiful but one thing we are sure of is that when you see our new show your Passions will run high and you will see The Guiding Light as sure As the World Turns.

So, All My Children, come out of the Dark Shadows to Search For Tomorrow in Another World and enjoy The Days of Our Lives and laugh so hard you may end up in General Hospital.

You only have One Life To Live so don’t miss “One Life To Lose”.

The set of a popular TV soap opera series becomes the unexpected backdrop for mystery and humorous mayhem.