Role Players

Government – Are you planning a training exercise? Do you have experienced actors who understand your environment? Well, we do. jMichael Productions has a talented team of Role Players who range from young children to seasoned former government executives and active duty military. Our team has experience with Mass Causality, active shooter, and many other base and government facility exercise. When training can be simulated by role players who understand the environment, the results and outcomes are much more successful. We also employee actors who are proficient in many languages which helps with the authenticity of the exercises.

Non- Government – Are you looking to host event, have training, or even require stand in’s for parties and weddings? Well our seasoned staff of Role Players can adapt to any situation and help you maximize your efforts. We have Role Players for all situations with all ethnic backgrounds. Don’t be overwhelmed with training staff with inexperienced actors; hire our team to come in and delivery professional outcomes.

Active Shooter – The threat of active shooters is more real in 2017 than ever before. In the last two years, our county has seen over 50 cases of reported active shooters. Our law enforcement Role Players deliver real situational awareness in our Active Shooter exercises. Both are table top and live sessions allow law enforcement, schools, churches, and large venues (mall, hotels, etc) to learn the best practices on how to deal with Active Shooters. When you hire jMichael Productions, you will receive experienced role players with expertise from FBI, NSA, and State/local law enforcement. It’s better to plan and never need it then to need it and never plan.

Hostage standoff/ Take over– Similar to our Active Shooter Role Players we utilize the industry best from FBI, NSA, DEA, and ATF. Our team of seasoned professionals will train you on the proper techniques and communication for effective hostage standoff situations.

Mass Causality- What will your team do when faced with a mass causality? Who will set up command? Who will run the scene or the operations? All these questions get answered in our exercises with real Role Players. Where are the priorities? Who do we treat first and where are we taking all the patients? When a mass causality happens there is no time